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Letters to the Editor

Margeurita Street

 Status quo is just that, “the existing state of affairs” (Oxford Dictionary).  At the Council meeting 26 Nov, the vote...
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PR & Communications

The article in the Daily Post 17/11/20 regarding PR and communications by councils showed some shocking figures. All that us...
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Forest hub 2

As usual I and hundreds of others like to spend Sunday mornings mountain biking and today was no exception. The...
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Hemo sculpture

This is the infamous (for all the wrong reasons) Hemo sculpture as at 4 Nov 2020.  Have any of us...
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It’s time Council executives re-acquainted themselves with the Local Government Act in which there are very specific requirements relating to “consultation”...
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CBD Security

It was shocking to read that security patrols have been slashed while many residents are too scared to walk through...
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