Robert Lee

RDRR-endorsed councillor candidate for Rotorua District Council 2022

I have been endorsed by RDRR and was the founding President of Saving Springfield.

I am a software developer drawn into the political arena by a series of puzzling Council decisions including proposals to destroy the Springfield Golf Course and a number of reserves. I believe these taonga help make Rotorua a desirable place to live and should be retained. I oppose motels being used for emergency housing and am dismayed to see Rotorua’s reputation as a tourist destination tarnished.

I believe that secret so-called “workshops” are the source of poor and undemocratic decision-making by the current Council. Debate and decision-making should happen in public, not behind closed doors, and only by those democratically elected to do so.

I believe that every vote should carry the same weight, whether from the Maori or General roll.

A vote for an RDRR candidate is a vote to fix Council and fix Rotorua.

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