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Rotorua imploding

In response to Kerre McIvor – has MSD betrayed our trust?

Are the Ministry of Social Development taking the mickey out of the taxpayer?

Is it time to air MSD’s dirty laundry in public?

Not only do MSD clients (some are gang members) get a warm unit, spa pool, free electricity,

Sky TV, room cleaned, they wait for it…get their dirty laundry done too!

What incentive is there to look for a job? Or a roof over your head?

Some clients have reportedly been staying in motels for over a year, which is a breach of the local

District Plan.

A motelier admitted at a public meeting they get paid up to $2,000 per week, per room, supposedly to cover

the high risk clients doing any damage. Minister Carmel Sepuloni recently admitted they pay

motel owners for damages too, however, she has no idea how much has been paid.

No wonder New Zealand has the reputation of being the “land of milk and honey” – a promised land

of natural abundance and endless opportunity, however it is time for some to stop milking the system

and the government to stop milking the taxpayer.

Tracey McLeod