Dr Reynold Macpherson

RDRR-endorsed Mayoral Candidate for Rotorua District Council 2022

Rotorua people feel powerless against Council’s bad decisions. Solution? Take back control by electing RDRR candidates and others we recommend. We’ll fix Council. We’ll fix Rotorua. My point of difference is expertise in fixing organisations.

Raised in a multicultural family in Kaitaia. Graduated in mathematics and management. Postgraduate degrees and PhD in organizational science. Military, educational and research leadership roles. Professor of organisational development at Auckland University. As Waiariki’s CEO, settled $1 million debt and re-invested profit of $1 million. Started up Abu Dhabi University. Ministerial commissions. International consultancies. Post-conflict reconstruction in Timor Leste. Started Rotorua District Resident and Ratepayers to improve Council’s decision-making.

A family man’s vision of a prosperous intercultural community. For retiring debt, boosting jobs, business, and mitigating climate change. Against co-governance, homeless industry, Three Waters, waste, unaffordable rates raises.

RDRR team’s point of difference is that it supports ‘deep change’. We’ll fix Council. We’ll fix Rotorua.

Dr Reynold Macpherson

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