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Yet another large and successful sports event has been held based at the Blue Lake.  Seemingly hundreds of cars, most with bike carriers, park on the grass.  These events draw competitors, support crews and spectators from Rotorua and far beyond yet there is no defined carpark to accommodate the masses.  About 1km up the road is a forlorn and very expensive 400-space carpark, supposedly established for mountainbikers, that is hardly used.  20 cars on a very good day.  2 or 3 on a bad one yet every day there are many cars with and without bike carriers parked on the grass at the Blue lake.

Can someone please tell me, and all those others also wondering, why what was spent on the Forest Hub 2 was not spent constructing a carpark at the Blue Lake because in that location it would get an enormous amount of use all the time.
Paddi Hodgkiss