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Hemo Sculpture. Still a mystery

How can the cost of the Hemo sculpture quoted by Council in Mar 2019, $743,029 be exactly the same as that in Sept 2020?  I’m guessing we’ll never know the true cost.  Costs beyond that of the original contract between Council and Kilwell have not been revealed in either of 2 official information requests, one by Local Democracy Reporting and one by me.

Noting a significant lack of construction for many months an official information request for an explanation of the lack of progress was made.  Were there were issues regarding materials, cost or contractual obligations, however the response received was simply 10 links to news items of the sculpture’s uniqueness and complexity.

Given no additional costs have been declared by Council, the average person will undoubtedly conclude that Kilwell has taken a big hit, as Local Democracy Reporting states “how much Kilwell contributed to the sculpture” has not been revealed.  Presumably “contributed to the sculpture” means cost overruns.
With so little information released by Council and its worry of “negative attention” (D P 27 Jan), I must conclude that the sculpture is yet another example of ill-researched extravagance and, regrettably, demonstrates Council’s growing lack of transparency and accountability.  Secrecy breeds suspicion.
Paddy  Hodgkiss