John Chetty

RDRR-endorsed councillor candidate for Rotorua District Council 2022

I was born in Fiji and have worked for 40 years in hospitality. I have worked as a hotel manager in five star hotels around the Pacific, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand. I have lived in New Zealand since 1988 and Rotorua since 2003. I am active in a number of community organisations including Rotary, Lions, Chamber of Commerce & Indian Association.

Since the earliest days Rotorua has been known for its manaakitanga (hospitality). Before Covid, tourism was Rotorua’s number one income earner with 3.5 million people visiting Rotorua each year bringing in more than $800 million. This means plenty of employment opportunities for locals. I would like to see Rotorua’s reputation as a tourist destination restored.

I would also like to see Rotorua’s reputation as a great place to live restored, including keeping our reserves and the Springfield Golf Course.

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