John Chetty

John Chetty

RDRR-endorsed councillor candidate for Rotorua District Council 2022

I born and educated in Fiji. I completed a Bachelor of Management at the University of Sydney, a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management at the University of Auckland, and a Masters degree in Professional Studies at Lincoln University.

I have worked for four decades in hotel and hospitality management, also offering training and development in human resources and in work health and safety policies and practices. I have worked internationally as a hotel manager in five-star hotels.

As a result I have developed strong leadership skills with the ability to motivate multi-functional teams to meet five-star business and service standards for hotels. I can liaise with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

On 13 June 2014 my selection was reported in the Rotorua Daily Post for ‘Raising the Bar: Taking Care to Raise Standards’ in Rotorua. I was quoted as saying “I have a firm belief that you don’t build a business, you build people, and then people build your business .… the Raising the Bar initiative will create even better customer service standards in Rotorua.”

I am an advocate for creating business opportunities. I want to see the CBD revitalised and back as a leading national tourist destination.

I am a member of Rotorua’s Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and Lions clubs. I joined RDRR some years ago because it listens to all people and interest groups. I have supported several political campaigns.

I am an active member of the Indian business community and the Shri Swaminarayan Mandira Temple.

John Chetty