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Submission of Mark Gould re disposal of reserves

This is a submission on an application from Mark Gould, 19 Devoy Drive, Owhata, Rotorua.

Application Concerning 10 Reserves , Land to be Sold.
At Lee Road Reserve, Coulter Road Reserve, High Street Reserve, Gallagher Road Reserve, Wrigley Road Reserve, Turner Drive Reserve, Western Heights, Park Road Reserve Western Heights, Steelers Lane Reserve Western Heights, Linton Park west Reserve and Glenholme Reserve as advised 12th May 2022 Strategy Policy and Finance Committee of Rotorua Lakes Council.

The specific parts of the application that my submission relates to are the selling of the Reserves. These Reserves were given by the developers/ owners of the land.

Against selling of the Reserves.

My submission mainly is against The Lee Road Reserve. My Mothers family Chiria Norma Gould née Lee gave this Reserve to Rotorua County Council in 1945. Many Roads in the Lee Road Development were named after the 4 Lee Brothers:

  • Alfred Road after ACk Lee;
  • Charles after ACK Lee,
  • Lee Road Lee Family;
  • Williston Road after FW Lee; and
  • Wyndham Road after WW Lee.

The Four Brothers were:

  • Walter Wyndham Lee, 15/2/1989 to 15/9/1973;
  • Frederick Williton Lee, 12/7/1895 to 19/1/1975 (known as Fred);
  • Alfred Charles Kenneth Lee 17/10/1887 to 23/1/1974 known as ACK;
  • John Francis Lee. 3/5/1892 to 16/5/1955. Known as Jack;

They arrived in NZ in 1912 at Auckland and moved to Atiamuri 1913. Farming and Cutting down trees. Moved to Rotorua City 1925. The Timber Merchants operation was in Lake Road and the Company Lee Brother (Rotorua) Limited was formed in 1926. The Company ceased operation in the early 1980s and my Mother was a Director at the time. Lee Brothers (Rotorua) Ltd were developers and developed a number of sites around Rotorua and Reporoa. Retail operation 1950s Tutanekai Street, Eurera Street, Real Estate Agent 1950s and did plans of houses for builders in Rotorua, Galatea, Reporoa and a number of State Houses in the Glenholme Area late 40s and 50s. Also build Army Huts during the Second World War and the profit went to the Government. They also at times operated a number of Timber Mills.

When developers gave land to the Councils it is usually the poor quality of land.

The Lee Road Reserve at the very front is very wet and water logged. This is because the Water Table is shallow due to being close to Lake Rotorua. In my opinion this dampness would enter the houses cause mould and the young children would get very sick. This is why this area is unsuitable for cheaper type housing.

Like with the Railway Land which was gifted for Railway Use the land was handed back to Iwi as this land was no longer being used for Railway Wagons, movement of plant/stock. For this reason if the Reserves are sold for Housing then the land should be given back to the families who donated/gave land to Rotorua City Council, Rotorua County Council or Rotorua District Council trading as Rotorua Lakes Council.

Rotorua City Council and Rotorua County Council formed Rotorua District Council in 1979 under Mayor John Kearny.

If any of the Reserve land is sold for Housing then it should be sold for high Houses which will not impact downwards the value of nearby Houses.

The Residents of Lee Road and surrounding areas want there house values to remain high and not revalued downwards due to Kainga Ora type of Housing (not pre build and transported in). If Houses are built of a higher standard (eg Brick, Double Glazing, Concrete Floors, Multi bathrooms, 3, 4 or 5 Bedrooms) then these houses should be sold on the open market. With a higher value home the rates from these properties would be higher and would off set any costs involved.

This Policy should apply to other areas in Rotorua. With Lee Road and Gallagher Street Reserve the Rotorua Lakes Council Policy is to subdivide all the Reserve and Partly subdivide the other 8 Reserves.

It is Councils Policy to put footpaths in all Rotorua Streets on one side. Would like to point out Middleton Road next to Lee Road Reserve has no footpaths on either side of the Road.

With Turner Drive Reserve, Park Road Reserve Steelers Lane Reserve and Wrigley Road Reserve are all in the Western Heights Area. I am a member of Western Heights Community Association and they are not in favour of any parts of these Reserves being used for Housing. This land was a Dairy Farm pre 1960s and this land was used for housing and a number of schools in the Area. Local family members of this farmer work and live in Rotorua.

Theses Reserves are for people to use and young people to keep fit. When people get older and not keeping fit the medical bills increase and at present there is a huge demand on Hospitals.

With Glenholme Reserve, while a pupil of Glenholme Primary school, I played many games of sport on this Reserve.

Please do not sell any parts of these Reserves for cheaper type houses like providers Kainga Ora. I note on Stuff Website that Kainga Ora is looking at their Financial position.

I oppose the use of these 10 Reserves being used for Social Housing.

I seek the following decision from the consent authority:

  • To cancel any social Housing Building on the above 10 Reserves;
  • Look at other areas of land like above Brent Road which has 3 local schools, supermaket, garage shops and bus stop all within walking distance;
  • Look at land near the lake which is used for farming. Take the farming away and build some houses.

Once land is used for building cannot be used to keep fit.

I wish to be heard in support of my submission.

Mark Gould. 14th July 2022. Phone 07 3458114
19 Devoy Drive, Cell 021 08645870