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Since the start of RDRR, we have not had such a large membership which reflects the importance and feelings of ratepaying members to be involved with this group.

Our membership currently is and has been over 1,100 for approximately two years as ratepayers became more upset with the decisions of the previous Rotorua District Council with huge expenses in more areas than were necessary and which rattled a few cages!!

So the numbers grew and we currently have a record of an overall membership of 1,254, 1,139 of which are on our email list as information is shared, keeping all up to date with important information that we need to know.

It has been said that the record membership would have be even higher but for the number of members, associates and friends who have despaired and left Rotorua.  And there have been quite a few.

Our numbers are divided between Financial Membership (which is $10 Seniors or Students; $20 for Individuals and $30 for Family) and Associate Membership – where no fees required.  As our fees are very considerate I would hope that more of us can feel comfortable with the annual amount that suits you and your circumstances to keep this association strong.

A big thank you to Reynold Macpherson for his strong and informative leadership.

Dianne Estcourt

Membership Secretary