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Margeurita Street

Let’s stick with the status quo.  Possibly add speed humps.

The light industrial and business communites along Margeurita and White Sts were well established long before high density housing appeared.  Potential residents ought to have known what they were in for.  It was there to see.
By creating 2 cul de sacs is only going to shift the problem.  Hilda St through to McIntyre Ave is going to be a go-to option for vehicles.  Fenton Park streets are suburban, Margeurita St was designed for and is a through-way.
There are several major roads and through-ways with housing on either side in Rotorua.  Those residents aren’t complaining about heavy traffic and high traffic volumes, for example along Te Ngae Rd and Sala St because the expectation of busy traffic was always there, just as the expectation heavy and high traffic volumes on Margeurita St has always been apparent.
It makes no sense to attempt to address one problem by creating a bigger one.
Paddi Hodgkiss