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Hemo sculpture

This is the infamous (for all the wrong reasons) Hemo sculpture as at 4 Nov 2020.  Have any of us seen anything more pathetic?  How can the mayor and her followers still promote it as the best and most beautiful thing since sliced bread?

The cost quoted in Sept 2020 was the same as at Mar 2019 so cannot be believed.  Estimates being bandied about are in excess of $1.4 million …. and this is what we’ve got for all that money!  The thought of visitors to Rotorua being greeted by this is, quite frankly, embarrassing especially as there was so much Council-led hype and PR prior to its installation.  It’s time Council fronted up and admitted they’ve stuffed up, sold us a particularly rotten lemon and wasted a pile of ratepayers’ and taxpayers’ money.  No more excuses from the operations manager please.

Grandiosity hasn’t won.  Bigger, brighter and better isn’t always best.  Innovation often fails.  This feeble attempt at art ticks all those boxes.  It wouldn’t look out of place at the entrance to the dump …. or alternatively at the dump.
Paddi Hodgkiss