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16 April 2020 – Grant Chapman

Dear Sir,

As per the subject line above I request the following information via the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

I am making this request in response to my concerns regarding the comments by Bruce Horne on the EOC in the ‘Our Rotorua’ 9th April 2020.

Having had reasonable experience in disaster management and recovery, although obviously on a smaller scale, I cannot see how practical utilisation of almost 50 RLC existing staff can be achieved considering all the work being undertaken by other organisations.

That being the case would it not be more transparent to admit some staff are just at home rather than pretend they are doing valuable EOC work.

My Questions are:

1. Exactly what are the functions of EOC staff that are not covered by other agencies during this time?

2. Exactly what requests are you auctioning for equipment and resources.

3. Exactly how are you supporting those other agencies

4. What is the welfare support expenditure, other than staff wages, to the RLC?

5. Who if any are receiving this financial assistance and by what amount?

6. How are you avoiding duplication of the services provided by all the other agencies?

7. If you are just a referral service why so many staff?

8. Or then again is this ‘Empire Building’ or just ‘Jobs For The Boys’ ?

Kindest Regards

Grant Chapman