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Waste Water

There has been huge opposition, most from well informed and highly educated people, to Council plans to outsource the management of Rotorua’s waste water system to a consortium headed by Chinese-owned Trility.  Of the public submissions, 81% were opposed to it.  By ignoring public input it would seem that Council has predetermined that our waste water services will be managed by Trility.

Cr Doaldson described the opposition to the private-public ownership as a “red herring” (D P 24 July).  Not so.  The absolute fact is that ratepayers will be paying the profits and dividends of the consortium and its shareholders.  Profit is the bottom line in all businesses.
It would seem that not even government funding via the Three Waters Reform Programme is going to shake the determination to rubber stamp the Trility proposal.  How, if ratepayers matter, can a not-for-profit, government supported scheme to manage the three waters infrastructure and supply be overlooked in favour of one of those services being passed into private hands?
Recall the outsourcing of parking management.  It was outsourced to iPark, a private company and what happened?  Parking fines more than trebled, from $12 to $40, all in the name of profit.
Paddi Hodgkiss