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This is the 7th year of our current mayor’s term so I have to wonder why managing our ailing wastewater system wasn’t a top priority in year one.

It’s astounding that Council has needed a two page spread (D P 25 Aug) to try to justify its controversial decision to award the contract to manage Rotorua wastewater to Trility, a Chinese-based company.  It seems an unprecedented response and suggests to me that Council is still trying to justify this decision that so many qualified minds opposed.

It is still shrouded with questions.  Not being forthcoming with answers and offering what seem to be excuses rather than explanations, breeds suspicion, something in which this contract has been engulfed.
The mayor commented that “some did submit and I don’t think they were not taken notice of”.  Stavros Michael stated that we “should be assured that whatever they say is read, is digested is considered …”.  Yes, submissions may have been noted but the decision was seemingly predetermined so those many concerns had no impact.
Paddi Hodgkiss