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Submission of Mark Gould re Resource Consent for 12 motels to be used for emergency housing

Submission on a Publicity or Limited Notified Application Concerning Resource Consent for 12 Motels.

Name of Submitter:
Mark Gould,
19 Devoy Drive,
Rotorua 3010
Ph 07 3458114. Cell 021 08645870

This is a submission on an application from 12 Motels namely Apollo Hotel, Alpin Motel, Pohutu Lodge, Newcastle Motor Lodge, Malones
Motel, Geneva Motor Lodge, Midway Motel, Union Victoria Motel, Ascot on Fenton, Ann’s Volcanic Motel, Lake Rotorua Hotel and RotoVegas Motel for a Resource Consent.

The specific parts of the application that my submission relates to are as follows and My Submission is:

I am opposed to the resource consent process because:

  1. Only 12 Businesses listed. There are approx 90 Motels in Rotorua with over 50 having MSD clients like the 12 Businesses above.
  2. The time frame of 5 years is too much.
  3. It’s been reported a lot that clients are being sent to Rotorua by MSD.It appears the time frame because of this is too short.
  4. Been reported that once people from out of Rotorua coming to Rotorua after 30 days are treated as locals.
  5. Need to have a Sinking lid Policy like the Pokies.
  6. Let MSD just process the real Rotorua locals into homes, apartments, flats or pay for Rentals.
  7. The harm of homeless in Rotorua over the past 2 years is huge with crime increases break ins, stolen cars, utes, money and beggars in the streets.
  8. The lease of the Motel appear to what I call Milking the System. MSD is paying too much for the Motel Rooms. Have been advised over $1 Million plus per Motel.
  9. Cheaper to rent Houses (approx $500 per rental) than pay motels.
  10. Rotorua has a lot of BnB Rentals in Rotorua due to the tourist attractions. It is far easier and more financial for owners of Houses to have BnBs.
  11.  Four Canoes Hotel not mentioned. There is a mental Health issue with a number of MSD guests. Rotorua Hospital only has a certain number of rooms for the Mental Health patients.
  12. With increase in Crime More Police are required. At present Police calls take longer to action.
  13. Perhaps it would be cheaper for MSD to purchase a number of Motels outright (Business, Land and Buildings) and turn them into flats for single or married couples no children.
  14. MSD to fund part of Security Personal for Rotorua City.Residents do not feel safe in walking around Rotorua.
  15. Issues with Glenholme. Break ins with many places being broken into a number of times. Reduce this by MSD providing Security Coverage eg Cameras.
  16. Do not put Gang People in Motels near residents. Move Gang people further away from the Residential Area.
  17. With MSD numbers which should decrease over time reduce number of Motels required and have the Motels in the same area. Should be able to monitor the MSD guests better.
  18. Have an 0800 number maned 24/7 so residents feel better connected. May provide coverage for other centres.
  19. Be honest with residents. Have regular meetings so residents issues can be mentioned.
  20. Have been a past Retailer for over 36 years and I am aware of the damage done by the MDS clients to the accommodation and Tourism Sector.
  21. Many companies are having to spend more money on security such as Countdown with anti-theft security tabs and security staff. Theft has increased people are desperate.
  22. MSD should provide more funding for Foodbanks like Linton Park, St Johns Church, Salvation Army. More people are needing food parcels due to the financial times. Many clients MSD guests.
  23. Work better with Community Groups.
  24. Rotorua can not build the numbers of houses/units which are required. Looks like 300 to 400 houses per year. Cost at present of building a house $4,000 per square meter. Need to look at 2 level units close together with garage laundry, kitchen, dining room, lounge downstairs 2 to 3 bedrooms upstairs with toilet, shower, bath. Need to look at above Brent Road, Primary, Intermediate and High School all within walking distance. Close to Supermarket Shops and a Garage.
  25. Have different type of transportable homes. Look at Exeter Homes on Lake Road. They make different sizes of units.
  26. Houses on the corner of Malfroy Road & Ranolf Street look ugly. They have brought the price of homes in the area down in value. All these residents want to retain there value. What could have happened painted these houses different colours. Stain the fences different and decks look at a number of different colours. Make them appealing.
  27. Need to have staff check your MSD houses on a regular basis. You cannot afford to get them thrashed.
  28. Have Staff based in Rotorua so issues can be sorted out earlier.
  29. Monitor outside Contractors so they are fair with prices. You can easier check with your contractors in other areas.
  30. Gardens – if possible MSD clients to look after the lawns or pay for a number of MSD clients to mow the lawns.

I seek the following decision from the consent authority:

  1. No more MSD guests coming from outside Rotorua. Please have them remain in there own areas.
  2. Sinking lid Policy. Reduce Motels look at cheaper forms of accommodation.
  3. Look at and work out a solution for better Security.
  4. Be carful where Gang members are housed. Rotorua does not need more drugs in the Community.
  5. Request and obtain for more Police to be based in Rotorua on the front line.

I wish to be heard in support of my submission.

Mark Gould, 7th July 2022
19 Devoy Drive, Home Number 073458114
Owhata. Cell 021 08645870