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Rates Freeze

Despite central government urging councils to offer a rates freeze, our mayor talks of a ‘targeted approach’. To whom would relief be offered, I wonder? It would take months of detailed analysis to determine an equitable, targeted solution so how can the mayor, C E and advisors have this completed in just a few days?We are all in the same boat. Many landlords are being “kind”, offering rent reductions so surely they are entitled to a rates relief. People have lost jobs or are on reduced wages. Many businesses and jobs may no longer exist when this crisis is over. A serious financial crisis has been born and how central and local government respond now will determine our future. The mayor must follow her own advice and “be kind” to all. Offering rates relief would be a good start.Council should be focusing on now, not years down the track. Put Vision 2030 on hold. Like other businesses, RLC must cut its spending immediately, review staffing levels and follow other big companies’ example introducing pay cuts for senior staff.On a positive note, the immediate future could be a good opportunity for Rotorua to diversify, to shift some eggs from the tourism basket.
Paddi Hodgkiss