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Ratepayers Pay

Mayor Steve Chadwick’s absolutely right with her comments (July 4): “A lot has changed in 16 years, we have new ways of working”.

Yes, the ratepayers debt has increased from $41 million to a whopping projected 260 million. Millions spent on the failed CBD project to make it an “Exciting and vibrant place”, including establishing defunct cycleways. Money spent on seven major changes to CBD parking, with the current one the most unpopular.

The hasty dismantling of safe pedestrian space in centre city and replacing it with a through traffic system, totally against all-world centre city trends, to mention but a few.

A lot has changed in 16 years. I believe most in our community would be happy to go back to “old ways of working” where council revenue, not just rates were consistently kept to inflation. where consultation meant ratepayers and residents views were openly sought and acted on.

Our council is currently sailing into some very strong headwinds and many of the current decision-makers will bail out in two years time and not be accountable any more, but the ratepayers  will have to go on paying dearly for their actions for many years to come.

Graham Hall