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Pay Cuts

The Daily post (News,April 11) reported mayor Steve Chadwick as saying council-wide pay cuts amid Covid-19 would be “indefensible” while council chief executive Geoff Williams, whose pay is $374,721, thinks that council staff taking a pay cut while working hard and under unique circumstances would be “pretty unforgivable”. In my opinion their views are out of touch because people have either lost jobs or already taken pay cuts due to Covid-19. Ratepayers cannot continue to fund then mayor and chief executive on full pay while many people are finding it tough to buy food and pay the bills. Some councillors are prepared to take a pay cut, which is commendable and, in my opinion, shows leadership. Council revenue will be declining now various council services are unavailable or simply not being used. In my view, it is a great time for councillors and council staff to take a pay cut to 80 per cent of their normal pay.

Paul Carpenter