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I’ve just returned from a pleasant break in the South Island and two of the joys were L Wakatipu (Queenstown) and L Wanaka.  Those lakes are beautiful as many are including L Rotorua.

What gave them that “extra” was the ability to sit in the car right by the lakeshore, soaking up the vista whilst drinking a coffee on a less than perfect day, and seeing others doing the same.  Many have enjoyed doing that at our lakefront or going for a drive along Memorial Drive.

However that pleasure has been taken from us by Council’s extravagant $40 million grand design revamp of the Lakefront now underway.  Given there will be no through road and the carpark some distance from the lakefront, the joys of the view in inclement weather will be taken from those all those unable or disinclined to leave their cars and walk across wet grass, raincoat on and under an umbrella, to enjoy the view.  The Lakefront will be a sad and gloomy place on those days, and not a good look for a tourist town.
Paddi Hodgkiss