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The photo P6, DP July 7th shows the all too common result of a good storm in Rotorua and good storms are becoming more common.

Did Council think that piles of lakeweed were going to be a drawcard hence the area warranted a $40 million upgrade to make the experience more dramatic, memorable and attractive?  Memorable yes, but likely for the wrong reasons.  And just imagine what the boardwalk is going to look like draped in smelly, slimey weed, making it unusable?  It doesn’t take much to create a bad impression and words are the best (worst) advertising.   I’m sure we can all recall incidences where the promo was great but our experience wasn’t and that’s what we remember and talk about.
The lakefront redevelopment project is yet another example of Council’s grandiose plans being implemented with haste, ignoring the common sense of the people who fund them and without investigation into longterm outcomes and consequences of the extravagance.
Think Mudtopia, think the City Focus and green corridor debacle, think the now infamous Hemo sculpture, a Council nightmare that won’t go away.
What looks best on paper is usually not what is best in real life.
Paddi Hodgkiss