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Grass growing under its feet?

Are the Council letting the grass grow under its feet? Its a saying that means to be inactive, be idle, fail to make progress, stand still, or wait before doing something. The opposite meaning is to act now or do not delay. I use this saying to refer to two instances, where the Council are doing nothing.

Firstly, the Blue Lake track is a popular walk with locals and tourists alike. The track has become incredibly overgrown in parts and vegetative debris lays strewn, which needs clearing from the track. Secondly, the roadside on Tarawera Road and Spencer Road was recently mowed. Do the Council regularly monitor its contractor’s work? The roadside was left like a rat had chewed at it, with lots of patches of knee high long grass left not mowed, which could pose a fire risk in summer.

While the Council concentrates solely on its “Big Moves”, its increasingly becoming obvious, the basics are left to deteriorate and quite often are being ignored, much to its detriment. Surely this is not the “growth” the Mayor recently touted about at the Business After Five meeting?

When it comes to the next election, I wonder if voters will think the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” and not let the grass grow under their feet in voting for change?

Tracey McLeod