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It’s time Council executives re-acquainted themselves with the Local Government Act in which there are very specific requirements relating to “consultation” with parties potentially impacted by a decision.  Under the current regime we have seen multiple examples where consultation didn’t occur, where the outcome was to be a fait a compli.

Think the name change of the Civic Theatre to SHMPAC that occurred almost overnight.
More recently, think the Haumoana St Reserve that, without locals getting wind of it, was to be converted into parking space primarily for Waka Ama crews and supporters.  This decision was made at an “operational level” with no thought of how it would affect locals or children using the recently upgraded playground on the same site.
Think the recent U-turn of the decision to withdraw the security service in the CBD.  It was a done deal until affected businesses, which should have been consulted, objected.
RLC is not above the law.  Making decisions at an operational level that are subsequently overturned causes unnecessary stress and costs Council time and money it doesn’t have, to right what was patently wrong.
Consultation makes use of local knowledge.  Consultation offers understanding and can often lead to compromise.
Paddi Hodgkiss