Dr Reynold MacphersnoDr Reynold Macpherson

RDRR-endorsed Mayoral Candidate for Rotorua District Council 2022

Tena koe. I have been campaigning since 2013 to have a fresh mayoral and councillor team elected – to restore democracy, restore the rule of law, restore financial prudence, and restore power to elected members on Council.

My knowledge, skills and experience of successful political campaign teamwork are illustrated by the growth of RDRR’s membership from 252 in 2016 (that attracted 36,575 votes for RDRR’s candidates), to 341 members in 2019 (that attracted 45,986 votes), and to 1,123 current members.

If elected, I would lead governance by openly engaging elected members in the philosophical, strategic, and political processes of policy making. I would ensure that policy making is informed by input from mana whenua and matawaka, rural and lakes communities, and all business, industrial, social, and cultural stakeholders, mindful of environmental values.

I would reform Council’s policy making structures to democratize planning to hear those affected by proposed changes and thus deliver better public accountability. I would expect expert officials led by the Chief Executive to provide policy advice and manage implementation.

My knowledge, skills and experience of successful policy making in large public organizations are apparent in my corporate leadership services as chief executive of two large and commercially successful organizations, my post-graduate research and qualifications, and my international consultancies and Ministerial commissions assisting with major public system reforms.

In sum, I offer RDRR’s vision of a local government of unity that promotes healthy interculturalism, greater equity and growing prosperity in an inclusive democracy.

Nga mihi na. Thank you.

Dr Reynold Macpherson

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